Our Values

Sustainable Development

The focus on sustainability is aligned with the business strategy of conserving energy and environment. It’s also directly aligned with the guiding values of our company: accountability, innovation, respect, health, safety and environment.

Social Accountability

The term ‘Social Accountability’ encompasses ethical values, community responsibilities, sustainability, prudent use of natural resources, economic advancement of the neighboring community and providing employment. Inkal encompasses Social Accountability.


We strive to display the highest standards of transparency and integrity in the way we operate, while delivering on our promises.


At Inkal, our commitment to safety, health and the environment is unwavering. Every day we are dedicated to improving our safety performance wherever we are executing the job.

The primary focus is to eliminate injuries to our employees, prevent adverse environmental and health impacts and reduce waste.

Creating a truly safe and secure working environment for all those involved in the execution of the job is one of the foremost priority for the company. Our safety strategy truly reflects our ambition of excellence and our uncompromising standards when it comes to the protection of our people.

Since the commencement of its operations in the year 2009, Inkal has been endeavoring to attain the highest level of safety performance through continuous awareness programs and focused training.

We understand the importance of giving proper consideration to protect the environment and is committed to operate while minimizing the environmental impact, the target being zero environmental incidents.


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