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Major Brands

Inkal is a fast emerging Engineering, Procurement and Construction company with breadth and depth of expertise to respond to technically challenging and time bound projects in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers & Chemical, Power and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Electrical Testing & Measuring Instruments

Products of GOSSEN Metrawatt under one brand Inkal,

  • Multi meters & Measuring Systems
  • 3 – Phase Energy & Power Disturbance analyzer – 1000V – 1000 Hz
  • Power Quality Monitoring System Class A
  • Range of Test Instruments for VDE 0100 / IEC 60364-6
  • Ground Resistance Tester
  • Flexible Current Sensor
  • Digital High-Voltage Insulation Tester 100…5000V
  • Insulation Tester & Multi meter 50…1000V – Smart Data Logger
  • Multifunctional Calibrator – Simulator
  • Electrical Safety Tester for Portable Appliances & Devices
  • CE Mark Tester & Electric Safety for Switchboards and Machinery
  • Programmable Power Supplies 120W…4500W
  • Evaluation & Analysis Software & many more….
  • 1reltd


    Products of RED PHASE under one brand Inkal,

  • Portable Instrument Transformer Testing
  • Portable High Power Earth Testing
  • Portable Metering Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Installation & Commissioning Instruments
  • Phantom Loads

    Rigel Medical,UK

    Rigel Medical is part of the Seaward Group – a market leader in Industrial and Biomedical Test and Measurement solutions. The company’s reputation for product innovation and technical expertise reflects its knowledge and understanding of the market and hence ensures the superiority of its products.

    Rigel Medical is dedicated to offer portable and innovative Biomedical test equipments. It ranges from safety analyzers to NIBP simulators and ventilator testers. It uses the latest technologies such as BlueTooth technology, RFID technology and incorporate new test methods to accurately measure earth / ground bond resistance. The product portfolio covers,

  • Electrical Safety Analyzers
  • Electromedical Safety Testing Kits
  • NIBP Simulators
  • SpO2 Simulators
  • Electrical Safety Analyzer Software
  • Patient Simulators
  • Defibrillator Analyzers
  • Pressure Vacuum Meters
  • Ventilator Testers
  • Electrosurgical Analyzers
  • Rigel Medical


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