Aspiration & Quality

Our Aspiration & Quality



The rigorous quality management practices , which builds on Inkal’s aspiration and continuous efforts to be responsive to the changing needs and expectations of our customers are already accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Quality from end- to- end

Inkal continuously reassesses its quality management system to make sure that the work is done while exceeding the expectations of the customers. Maintaining the highest level of quality is all about improving our processes; strengthening our culture; and emphasizing individual performance, accountability, and recognition.

Continually set the bench marks for customer satisfaction in the industry
Secure the strongest competitive position in the markets
Partner with suppliers to deliver value-for-cost procurement for the customers
Be recognized as an employer of first choice
Empower our employees and integrate them fully into our global network
Selectively grow our worldwide presence of companies
Demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development
Be acknowledged as a valued and trusted partner in our community


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